Why use motorized roller blinds and Venetian blinds?

Compared to conventional roller blinds, electric roller blinds have a large number of advantages. Nowadays, buildings and houses are equipped with larger windows, which means, there is an increased need for comfortable and aesthetically pleasing shading solutions - electric roller blinds are the perfect solution. No uncomfortable or even dangerous chain drives that hang from the roller blinds or windows or that are difficult to reach. With our motorized roller blinds, you can conveniently operate your shading solutions at the push of a button.

Why to choose solar shades?

Solar shades are like sunglasses for your windows, making them the perfect solution for minimizing glare from the sun and controlling the indoor temperature. Available in different transparencies from 0-5%, these shades gently diffuse natural sunlight, block harmful UV rays and keep rooms cooler.
In addition, you will not be dazzled, get privacy and you can still look outside at fabric densities higher than 0%.
The simple, yet streamlined appearance of roller blinds complements any indoor design.

Sunscreen fabrics can absorb and reflect up to 95% of the sun's heat, glare and UV rays, depending on the fabric density (blackout fabrics reflect up to 100%).

A. Transmission: The amount of light transmitted through the fabric.

B. Absorption: The amount of light absorbed by the fabric.

C. Reflection: The amount of light reflected by the fabric.


Solar shade features:

  • Improved energy efficiency
  •  Minimizes glare on TV's and computer monitors
  • Maintains great outward visibility, even when the shading system is fully lowered.
  • Perfect choice for private and commercial applications, such as office buildings, restaurants and schools
  • Added motorization for convenience at the touch of a button.