Series R51 *: Electric sun shade and blackout blinds with fast rechargeable radio tubular motor including mounting material (wall or ceiling mounting

Construction and hanging of this series are identical to the R50 series. Deviating is the rechargeable tubular motor, which allows the installation of blinds without power connection. The hanging weight of 3.5 kg (approx. 6.5 m2) can be easily lifted by this powerful but quiet motor.

  • The rechargeable tubular motor (item no.: ERSDC1038-02) has been specially designed for interior roller blinds. With a speed of 28 revolutions per minute, it is faster than average
  • With 2 Nm (approx. 4 kg) and a 2600 mAh lithium-ion battery, the motor has enough power and capacity to move larger blinds for several months without charging
  • Charging via micro-USB charger (for example, of your smartphone) or with a solar panel (Item No . HR1200-LA-SOLAR2) possible.

Scope of supply:

  • Fast rechargeable tubular motor with 2 Nm (item no. ERSDC1038-02), connected and already set limit positions
  • 5-channel emitter (item no. HD05B), radio code G2
  • Idler bracket and motor bracket with caps (item no. BBC64-11)
  • User and assembly manual

Optional accessories:
  • 15-channel emitter for the operation of up to 15 separate blinds (item no. HD15B)
  • 5-channel emitter with timer (item no. HD05BT)
  • Idler bracket and motor bracket flat, champagne-coloured with caps and splint (item no. BBC64-11-F)
  • Charging via solar energy (solar panel HR1200-LA-SOLAR2)

Available widths: from 1.00 m to 3.00 m