Series ZR38: Motorized zebra blinds with rechargeable tubular motor and built-in receiver, emitter and clipping fix brackets for e.g. window or door wing assembly (without drilling) as well as wall and ceiling brackets

Two parallel running fabrics consisting of one or more light-transmitting and one or more opaque strips of fabric. The soft transition of the light incidence, which results from the rolling / unrolling of the blind, makes these motorized roller blinds individual and variable in shading.

  • The brackets and top chuck as well as the end profile of the zebra blinds are color matched and made of aluminum
  • With pre-assembled rechargeable tubular motor (item no. ERSDC3808-35) and built-in receiver. Thanks to the lithium-ion high-performance battery, an operation without power supply is possible for serveral months without charging
  • The control of the blinds occurs at the touch of a button of the emitter or via APPQuick installation with included adjustable clipping fix brackets on windows or balcony and terrace doors
  • With the help of the emitter the rotation direction and the limit positions as well as another stop position can be set. Therefore the blind can be adjusted at any height
  • Installation without a certified electrician is possible
  • Cleaning with solvent-free purifiers
  • The non-decorative chains of conventional roller blinds as well as the risk of strangulation for playing children is eliminated by the automation of the blind
  •  Zebra blind with aluminium top chuck
  • 5-channel emitter (item no. HD05B), radio code G2
  • Pre-mounted rechargeable tubular motor (ERSDC3808-35)
  • Fastening material

                    a) Clipping fix for window and door wings (item no. BKF13-25)

                     b) Wall and ceiling brackets (item no. BTE-WD)

  • Instructions for the installation of the blind, operation manual for the tubular motor with built-in receiver

Available widths: from 0.70 m to 1.50 m

Video: Assembly and installation of a motorized heicko zebra blind

Optional accessories:

  • 15-channel emitter for the operation of up to 15 separate blinds (item no. HD15B, radio code G2)
  • 5-channel emitter with timer (item no. HD05BT, radio code G2)
  • Charger for DC tubular motors (item no. HR1200LA-7.4-USB), alternatively common smartphone chargers with micro-USB plug can be used
  • Charging via solar energy (solar panel HR1200-LA-SOLAR2)
  • Transparent bottom beam
  • Aluminium housing (item no. RH38-01, with Ø 25 mm tubular motors)