FMDC series: Motorized window awning / Outdoor roller blind - DC rechargeable battery powered motor
FMAC series: Motorized window awning / Outdoor roller blind - with 230V AC tubular motor

  • Electric awning that can be mounted vertically and horizontally by means of a belt drive in the guide rail.
  • Outdoor textile screen for pre-wall mounting or in the reveal, as shading for windows, roof windows or for winter gardens.
  • No rainwater penetrates through the closed housing. The high-quality fabric made of acrylic defy the sun, rain and wind and provide pleasant shade or 100% darkening.
  • Different spacers for mounting (8cm or 10cm)
  • Small housing (width = 11.5cm; depth = 11.5cm)

The  integrated  radio  tubular  motors  enable  a  variety  of  control  options.  Sun  sensors
(item no .: HR1200-SUN-G2) automatically lower the awning when there is high insolation, wind and rain sensors (item no .: HR1300-WIND-G2) move the awning back into the protective housing if necessary or control the motors via APP, hand-held emitter with and without timer function.
When using our wireless tubular motor with integrated rechargeable battery (HRSDC4013-14- *), a connection to the mains is not necessary. Charge the motor with a 12 V charger every few months or use a solar panel (HR1200-LA-SOLAR3) from our optional accessories.

  • Wide range of applications
  • Excellent sun protection!
  • 100% blackout or - view to the outside, protection from the inside!

Scope of delivery:

  • Motorized outdoor roller blind (awning) with high quality acrylic fabric in a strong aluminum cassette
  • Radio tubular motor with 20 Nm torque (item no. ERF1060-20), taught-in and limits preseted or: Rechargeable cordless DC radio tubular motor with 13 Nm torque (item no. HRSDC4013-14-40), taught-in and limits preseted
  • 5-channel handheld radio transmitter (art. No. HD05B), radio protocol G2
  • Manual and assembly instructions

Optional accessories:

  • 1-channel sun sensor (item no .: HR1200-SUN-G2)
  • 1-channel emitter with wind, sun and rain sensor with solar panel, white
    (item no .: HR1300-WIND-G2)
  • 15-channel handheld emitter for operating up to 15 motors that can be controlled separately from one another (item no. HD15B)
  • 5-channel handheld emitter with timer function (item no. HD05BT)