EC-Series: Motorized curtain system
heicko curtain motor with built-in receiver - (item no. EC40300-2) For motorized, remote-controlled curtain systems. (Curtain rails) prepared for quick use. Due to the automation, motors are often used in hotel rooms, living rooms and other places with wide glass elements. The curtain motor can be operated via touch control, emitter, smartphone APP and / or button switch.

Intelligent Motorized Curtain Track - Intelligent Control Functions

  • Can be used in power grids from 110 V to 230 V
  • Automatic setup of the limit positions
  • Automatic obstacle detection
  • Manual operation in case of power failure
  • Manual start function - curtains can be operated by easily pulling or pushing the curtain, the motor will receive a command to open or close - without emitter
  • Control via emitter and button switch possible
  • Quiet operation with a noise level below 30 dB
  • Easy installation: Compact and simple for an easy ceiling installation
  • Home automation interface: The motorized curtain system can easily integrated into home automation systems (Smart Home)
  • The curtain motor can be installed on the left and right of the curtain rail

Available widths: from 1.00 m to 15.00 m

What do I plan and order?

  • Measure the width of the window front (light dimension). If you do not want the curtains to be flush with the front of the window, but to stick out a little to the left and right, add at least 20 cm to the light dimension (if the curtain protrudes slightly, the front of the window looks larger and wider).
  • Choose one of our pre-assembled curtain rail sets, which comes closest to your window measure, or send us your desired dimension via e-mail (Attention: approx. 4-5 weeks delivery time).
  •  Plan your curtain: You will need about 2.5 meters of fabric per meter of window width.
  • Plan the position of the curtain rail: If you want to hang curtains with drapes, allow 10 cm to 15 cm distance to the wall. If you plan to hang straight curtains, calculate with a distance of 7 cm to 10 cm.