Series LHW50*: Motorized projection screens with fast radio tubular motor including mounting material (wall or ceiling mounting)

  • White opaque projection screen for your home theater or projection surface for presentations
  • Ideal for HD projections of movies, PowerPoint presentations and pictures
  • Decorative, white aluminum housing with integrated tubular motor
  • The screen is controlled by an emitter at the push of a button or via APP
  • The material is made of solid glass fiber, dimensionally stable and easy to clean, the gain factor (luminance factor) is 1.2
  • Depending on the size suitable for 1:1, 4:3 and 16:9 formats
  • Installation for wall and ceiling assembly, assembling material included
Scope of supply:

  • Projection screen in aluminium housing
  • 5-channel emitter (item no. HD05B), radio code G2
  • Fast tubular motor with 6 Nm (item no. ERF1040-06-38), connected and already set limit positions
  • Assembling material
  • User manual