How to choose the right hanging (fabric) for your motorized solar shades? 

Start by determinate your needs. Decide what your motorized solar shades need to do. Solar shades can reduce solar heat gain, reduce glare, provide some daytime privacy and filter natural light to brighten up the interior. However, no sunscreen fabric can provide all the benefits mentioned above by 100% at the same time.

  • Is your top priority lowering the room temperature?
  • Do you want a combination of privacy and light control?
  • Or is the view from the window and the reduction of glare more important to you?

A very important factor in choosing the right solar shade is knowing whether your window is facing north, south, east or west. You need to pay special attention on windows facing east (morning sun) or west (afternoon sun) as they are exposed to the most intense heat, glare and UV rays. The sun is not as hot or intense on the north or south facing windows.

Openness Factor:
The openness factor represents the density of the weave and relates to the amount of light transferred through the shade. The common values for light transparancies are 0%, 3% and 5%. The more percentage openness the sunscreen fabric is, the more you see outside, the brighter your room will be and the less it reflects the heat of the sunlight. A fabric with low openness factor reflects more heat and provides more privacy and glare reduction. A blackout shade means 0% openness and it offers the best privacy and protection from the heat but it will also make your room completely dark.

Fabric colours:

When choosing the sunscreen fabric for your motorized solar shades it is important to understand that the colour is not only a visual aspect, it's also functional. Light colors reflect more heat from the sun so they are better for cooling the room (White is the most reflective color). Light colors also brighten up the room.
Dark colors offer superior visibility and the best glare reduction but they also absorb heat which will heat up the room temperature.

Choose your fabric based on your needs:

Cool your room: Use a light-coloured fabric with openness of 5% or less. The lighter the colour and the less open the fabric is, the better cooling effect you will achieve.

Minimize glare:Use a dark-coloured fabric with transparencies of 5% or less. The darker the colour and the less open the fabric is, the less glare you will get.

Brighten your room:Use a light-coloured fabric with transparencies of 5% or more. The lighter the colour and the more open the fabric is, the brighter room you will get.

Protect yourself and your furniture form UV:Use any of our sunscreen fabrics with transparencies of 5% or less. The less open the fabric, the better is your UV protection. Our sunscreen fabrics with transparencies of 5% will block 95% of the UV rays.