Zebra blinds, similar to standard roller blinds, can be made with round shafts with diameter of 50 mm or more. Due to the beautiful look often aluminum housings are preferred. Usually tubular motors with a motor diameter of 35 mm are in use.

A decorative alternative is provided by the daintier blinds with 28 mm or 38 mm round shafts. The use of rechargeable battery-powered and wireless tubular motors also makes it possible to mount direct on the window or door wings. Very useful - the installation does not require a qualified electrician! The motors are charged via a charger or solar panel.

Battery motors from the heicko e-ast range:
ERSDC2803-35 - electronically with radio, 0.3 Nm, 12V
ERSDC3808-35 - electronic with radio, 0.8 Nm, 12V
ERSDC1040-05 - electronically with radio, 5 Nm, 12V


Standard track for DC motors with Ø 25 mm (ERSDC3808-35) Aluminium housing for Ø 38 mm round shaft and DC motors with Ø 25 mm (ERSDC3808-35) Aluminium housing for Ø 50 mm round shaft and all motors with Ø 35 mm.