Schematic representation of Zebra blinds

Scope of supply:

• Zebra blind with top chuck
• 5-channel emitter
• Pre-mounted rechargeable tubular motor (item no. ERSDC3808-35)  with 0.7 Nm , 35 rpm, mac. load approx. 3.1 kg
• Fastening material:
   a) Clipping fix for window and door wings
   b) Wall and ceiling brackets
• Instructions for the installation of the blind, operation manual for the tubular motor with built-in receiver


Zebra blinds can - like shading or blackout blinds be produced on 50 mm or even bigger shafts. Due to the beautiful look sometimes aluminium housings are used. Usually tubular motors with a diameter of 35 mm are used for housings.

A decorative alternative is provided by the daintier blinds with a diameter of 28 mm or 38 mm round shafts. Due to the use of rechargeable tubular motors with built-in receiver blinds can also be mounted on window or door wings. Practical - the installation does not require a qualified electrician! The motors are charged via a charger or solar panel.

Rechargable motors from the heicko e-ast product range:

ERSDC2803-35 - electronical with built-in receiver, 0,3 Nm, 12 V

ERSDC3808-35 - electronical with built-in receiver, 0,8 Nm, 12 V

ERSDC1040-06 - electronical with built-in receiver, 5 Nm, 12 V