Window installation with clamping bearing:
Calculation of the fabric width and determination of a suitable Zebra blind size.

Measure the desired total length "A". Our standard roller blinds have a maximum total length of 160 cm or 250 cm. Intermediate positions are set directly on the motor (end position adjustment).
The glass surface "B" should at least be completely covered in width. Our standard roller blinds are available in width-increments of 5 cm steps. Bear in mind that the fabric can pass the window handle ("C" usually 2.0 - 4.5 cm).


The deduction dimension of the roller blind width to the fabric width is 3.3 cm.

Glass surface width = 91 cm; Height = 110 cm
Extraction dimension: Roller blind width - fabric width = 3.3 cm
-> Minimum width roller blind = 91 cm + 3.3 cm = 94.3 cm
-> Minimum height roller blind = 110 cm
-> Standard dimensions heicko e-branch: 95 cm or 100 cm x 250 cm

Custom-made products are available within approx. 8 weeks.