Motorized zebra blinds

Motorized zebra blinds with rechargeable tubular motor and built-in receiver including fastening material (clipping fix as well as wall and ceiling brackets)

• Two in parallel running shade strips with a light-transmitting and opaque material, from light to
  full glare protection and precise adjustment of the strips
• Versatile, quick and easy installation options, even without drilling for e.g. Windows, doors,
  balcony or patio doors (via clamp mounting) as well as fastening on walls or ceilings
• Thanks to the lithium high-performance battery, operation even without mains power supply
  is guaranteed for several months
• Due to the low energy consumption, the motor is safe and at the same time long-lasting
• By default, the battery-powered motor is pre-assembled in the scope of supply. It can be inserted
  according to customers demand on the left or right side. The rotation direction of the motor as
  well as  the limits can be set by an emitter
• The brackets and top chuck as well as the end profile of the zebra blinds are color matched and
  made of aluminum
• The control of the blinds occurs at the touch of a button of the emitter or via APP, therefore no
  unpleasant chain drive is needed
• With the help of the emitter the rotation direction and limits can be set. The blind can be
  adjusted at any height with the emitter.
• Several blinds can be controlled with one emitter, single or group functions are available as
  well as the use of timer functions (dependent on the emitter). All individual functions can be
  implemented with  your smartphone or tablet and the free heicko e-Smart Home APP for
  Android and IOS as well as the heicko Gateway (item no. eSH-RMP)
• Installation without a certified electrician is possible
• Cleaning with solvent-free purifier
• Further fastening options are available on p. 15

Scope of supply:
• Zebra blind with top chuck
• 1-channel emitter
• Pre-mounted rechargeable tubular motor (ERSDC3808-35) with 0,7 Nm, 35 rpm, max. load
  approx. 3,1 kg
• Fastening material
  a) Clipping fix for window and door wings
  b) Wall and ceiling brackets
• Instructions for the installation of the blind, operation manual for the tubular motor with built-in

Optional accessories:
• 1x 15-channel emitter for the operation of up to 15 separate blinds
• Charger for the DC tubular motor (Item no.: HR1200LA-7.4-USB), alternatively common
  smartphone chargers with Micro-USB plug can be used
• Solar panel, item no. HR1200-SOLAR2

Wechsel des Akku-Motors und Montage auf dem Fensterflügel mit dem Klemmlager.


Video: Duorollos
mit eingebautem
DC Rohrmotor. Steuerbar per Fernsteuerung oder e-Smart Home