Motorisierte Sonnenschutzrollos- und Verdunklungsrollos, Beamer, Leinwände

Motorized shading and blackout blinds with fast tubular motor with built-in receiver, fastening material included (wall/ceiling brackets)

  • Motorized blind, for the interior shading of windows, doors and glass elements with premounted tubular motor with built-in receiver
  • The included solid metal brackets are coated in the colour "champagne". The same coloured caps allow a concealed wall or ceiling assembly
  • The fabric is either light-transmitting (Fabric opening rate 3-5%) or opaque (Fabric opening rate 0%) material. From light to full anti-dazzle or glare / sun protection
  • The control of the blinds occurs at the touch of a button of the emitter or via APP
  • It is washable and hardly inflammable
  • Several blinds can be controlled with one emitter, single or group functions are available as well as the use of timer functions (dependant on the emitter)
  • The tubular motor (item no. ERF1040-06-38) is particularly constructed for blinds. With a speed of 28 rotations per minute (rpm) it is very fast and
    suitable for long blinds up to 7 m
  • All individual functions can be implemented with your smartphone or tablet and the free heicko e-Smart Home APP for Android and IOS as well as the heicko Gateway (item no. eSH-RMP) or the everHome CloudBox (item no. eSH-RMP-EH)
  • With a torque of 6 Nm (approx. 14 kg) the motor owns enough strength to move several blinds at the same time due to joint brackets
  • No unpleasant chain drive is needed like with conventional roller blinds. Therefore the danger of strangulation of playing children is eliminated by the automation of the blind
  • The motor can be inserted according to customers demand on the left or right side. The rotation direction of the motor as well as can be set by an emitter, the limit positions are set with the limit setting tool on the motors head
  • Further fastening options are available