Motorized Shangri-La blinds

Motorized Shangri-La blind with fast tubular motor, fastening material included (wall and ceiling brackets)

• Horizontal fabric strips are attached to two vertical fabric panels. The Turning of the internal
  fabric (strips) changes the light intensity
• Similar to a Venetian blind the Shangri-La fabric can be completely hidden in the aluminum  
• Shangri-La blinds are design window decorations which combine the benefits of roller blinds and
  Venetian blinds. The major advantage is the variable light control as well as the beautifully
  designed interior decoration
• By default, the motor is pre-assembled in the scope of supply It can be inserted according to
  customers demand on the left or right side. The rotation direction of the motor can be set by
  an emitter, the limit positions are set via the setting tool on the motor’s head
• The tubular motor (ERF1040-06-38) is particularly constructed for blinds. With a speed of 28
  rotations per minute (rpm) it is very fast and suitable for long blinds up to 7 m
• The control of the blinds occurs at the touch of a button of the emitter or via APP, therefore no
  unpleasant chain drive is needed.
• Several blinds can be controlled with one emitter, single or group functions are available as well
  as the use of timer functions (dependent on the emitter)
• All individual functions can be implemented with your smartphone or tablet and the free heicko
  e-Smart Home APP for Android and IOS as well as the heicko Gateway (item no. eSH-RMP)
• Fastening options are available on p. 19

Scope of supply:
• Shangri-La blind in aluminum housing (cassette blind)
• 1-channel emitter
• Pre-mounted tubular motor (ERF1040-06-38) with 6 Nm, 28 rpm, max. load approx. 14 kg
• Limit setting tool for tubular motor
• Wall and ceiling brackets
• Instructions for the installation, operation manual for the tubular motor with built-in receiver

Optional accessories:
• 4, 5, 6, 16-channel emitter for the operation of up to 16 separate blinds