heicko curtain motor EC40300-1.2

Motorized curtain system

This curtain motor is used on curtains which are hidden behind draperies.
Due to the automatization motors are widely used in hotel rooms, residential rooms and other places with wide glass element.

Special functions:
• Wide range of current from 110V - 220V
• Auto end limit setting obstacle stop function
• Hand operation during power failure
• Touch control
• 3rd intermediate limit position
• Emitter control and switch control at the same time possible
• Silent design with noise level below 30.4 Db


Description EC40300-1.2
Rated Torque 1,2 NM
Speed 18 cm / s
Nominal current 0,47 A
Nominal consupmtion 107 W
Max. laoding 50 kg
Max track length 10 m
Protection Index: IP40, INS Class B
AC 110V/60Hz ~ 220/50Hz
Size 305x40x40 mm