by heicko smart shading
Motorized shading solutions for windows and doors

Motorized curtain system:
heicko curtain motor with built in receiver- item no.: EC404520
For motorized remote-controlled drapery systems (
curtain rail) ready to use.
Touch control … OR … emitter control …OR … APP control … and/or… wired switch control.

This curtain motor is used on curtains, hidden behind draperies.
Due to the automatization motors are widely used in hotel rooms, residential rooms and other places with wide glass element.

Short overview:
• Wide range of current from 110V - 220V
• Auto end limit setting obstacle stop function
• Hand operation during power failure
• Light touch - start function. Curtains can be open manually by pulling
   or pushing gently, it will automatically activate motor to open or close
   without using remote control.
• 3rd intermediate limit position
• Emitter control and switch control at the same time possible
• Smooth and quiet operation with noise level below 30.4 Db
• Easy Installation: Compact and light weight for simple ceiling
• Home automation interface: The motorized curtain system can be
   easily integrated into home automation systems (Smart Home).
• The curtain motor can be mounted on the right and left of the curtain