Schematic representation of venetian blinds

Scope of supply:

• Venetian blind with housing in the same olour as the blind
• One-sided housing covering cap in the colour of the slats
• 5-channel emitter
• Pre-mounted tubular motor (item no. ERF1040-13) with 13 Nm, 14 rpm, max. load approx. 29 kg
• Wall and ceiling brackets
• Limit setting tool for tubular motor
• Instructions for the installation, operation manual for the tublar motor with built-in receiver


This product group uses tubular motors with a motor diameter of 35 mm, which are also used in conventional roller shutter systems. Because of the rope control of the blind we recommend slow running motors. The big advantage of motorized Venetian blinds is that the slats can be opened or closed at any position. So this does not have to be moved to the end position to vary the room shading.

Recommended motors from the heicko e-ast product range:

ERF1040-13 - electronically with radio, 13 Nm, 230 V / 50 Hz

ERSDC1040-06 - electronically with radio, 6 Nm, 12 V