Motorized venetian blinds with mtor and builtin receiver, fastening material included (wall and ceiling brackets)

  • By the rotation of the horizontal imitation wood slats (width of 5 cm) or aluminium slats (width of 3.5 cm) the interior lighting conditions can be adjusted simple and fast. Venetian blinds offer a perfect glare and sun protection while maintaining a good visibility from the inside to the ourside. A full rotation of the slats gives a full glare protection (100%) and also a high light protection.
Aluminium Lamellen (3,5 cm Breite) lassen sich die Sonnen- bzw.
Lichtverhältnisse einfach und schnell regulieren. Elektrische Innen-
jalousien bieten perfekten Sichtschutz von außen ohne gleichzeitig die 
Sicht von innen zu beeinträchtigen, ein vollständiges Drehen der
Lamellen sorgt für einen 100% Sichtschutz und einen sehr guten Licht-
  • Several blinds can be controlled with one emitter, single or group functions are available as well as the use of timer functions (dependent on the emitter)
  • Venetian blinds are ideally suited as rom divisors and can in connection with a rechargeable DC tubular motor (item no. ERSDC1040-06) be installed on ceilings without a mains connection
  • All individual functions can be implemented with your smartphone or tablet and the free heicko e-Smart Home APP for Android and iOS as well as the heicko Gateway (item no. eSH-RMP) or the everHome CloudBox (item no. eSH-RMP-EH)
  • By default, the motor ERF1040-13 is pre-assembled in the scope of supply. The rotation direction of the motor can be set by an emitter, the limits are set with the limit setting tool on the motor's head
  • Simple assembly of the housing on wall / ceiling in a few minutes
  • The control of the blind occurs at the touch of a button of the emitter or via APP, therefore no unpleasant chain drive is needed and the danger of strangulation for playing children is eliminated by the automation of the blind
  • Venetian blind alternatives possible