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The company heicko e-ast GmbH is one of the leading German suppliers of fastening and assembling articles for window manufacturing as well as for automatized shutter systems, in Germany. For more than 50 years, the company has been offering products that are, in regard to product-geometry, quality of material and variety of sorts, unprecedented. The early specialization in window and door industry and the here by acquired specialized knowledge are decisive of the market success of the company "heicko e-ast GmbH".

Highly specialized knowledge, customer service and an excellent price-efficiency have lead to international success. We deliver to more than 2500 window and door manufacturer - among them leading companies on this field. A well sorted warehouse with a constant number of around one billion window screws and 20.000 tubular motors and inverters guarantees a constant customer service level.

"We sell items which are considered by many people as mass-produced goods. However, does that mean our goods do not have to withstand a special quality requirement? Our customers and we trust in quality!"We have made the quality concept to the determining principle of our company. This appears in the DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 - certification, various testing reports as well as in our decision to concentrate on the window and door industry. This gained specialised knowledge has influence on our development and manufacturing of fasteners, window and door accessories and electronic components such as tubular motors and power inverters. Therefore, we are able to meet the highest requirements.Our success speaks for itself. Nowadays 'heicko e-ast gmbh' has reached Germany-wide (in the sphere of window construction) a market share of more than a third. Due to our presence in the international markets, where we appear to the specific requirements of our customers, we extend our know-how constantly by new solutions. Through to innovative products and the concerning of YOUR need we steadily improve our offer. Competitive prices that bring your commitment to quality and mass-produced items in line and an excellent service complete the offer.We are sure: Our products correspond to your requirements in quality and reliability. Check it out yourself! For the simple reason that your opinion counts more than certificates.

Yours, Michael Pottgiesser, CEO

heicko e-ast GmbH